Explore all our messaging features

1-1 discussions

Allow 1-to-1 channels for discussion between two users.

Private and public groups

Private and public group chats for your users.


Reply to a specific message simply.

Typing indicator

See in realtime who is typing.

Read indicator

Discover who read or not your messages.

Online indicator

See who is connected right now.

Edit & delete message

Everybody makes mistakes.

Message history

Discover all previous messages just by scrolling.


Seriously? Can we live without emoji?

Rich media attachments

File messages of any kind are allowed.

Pre-built UI/UX

Don't reivent the wheel, we do the job for you.

Push Notification

Browser or mobile notifications for each new message.

Email Notifications

Receive a daily digest with latest unread messages.

Abuse/Spam reporting

Report spam or abuse in 1-click.

Powerful Dashboard

Discover a complete dashboard of the activity of your users.

Missing feature?

We love that! Just ask us and your wish will be granted.